Jan 2018 Event

Videos by Const. Stokes.

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Team 5025 – Eric Hamber Secondary Vancouver

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Feb 2nd Event

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November 2017 Game – Ringmaster

We will be using the VEX-IQ Robotics Platform and the Current Game: Ringmaster

We will be competing in the following categories:
– Driver Skills Challenge
– Programming Skills Challenge

Robot Skills Challenge
In this challenge teams will compete in sixty (60) second long matches in an effort to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of Driver Skills Matches, which will be entirely driver controlled, and Programing Skills Matches, which will be autonomous (no VEX IQ controller) with limited human interaction. Each match will consist of only one Robot.

Each Ring Scored in the Floor Goal is worth 1 point.
Each Ring Scored on a Post is worth 5 points.
Each Ring Scored on a Uniform Post is worth 10 points.
Each Emptied Starting Peg is worth 5 points.
Releasing the Bonus Tray is worth 20 points.








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Oct.27.2017 – Event Photos

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VSB-Robotics Competition – Oct Email Update

Hello Everyone,

We are at just one week and a bit until the next Robot Night – Friday Oct 27th.

The games for the night will be: Robot Soccer, Drag Race 2, Push Along (New), and Stacking Stuff (New). The exact details and game rules are listed at the event website: https://vsbroboticscompetition.com/

If your school/organization plans to attend, please register using the website link here: https://vsbroboticscompetition.com/registration/

Please bring the entrance fee in cash or cheque. $20 for the first robot, and $5 for each subsequent robot, up to a maximum of five robots per school/organization per event. Cheque(s) can be made out to: Eric Hamber Secondary School

An important news regarding a major robotics competition will also be announced at this Robot Night evening. Please stay tuned. Robot Night is also an excellent opportunity for those teaching STEM related courses. Come and see how robotics can cover various learning outcomes in your STEM program.

If you need any of the game objects for sizing purposes, please reply to this message to let me know.

Lastly, If you would like to be removed from this email list, please reply to this message with the words ‘Please Remove’ at the subject line and your email address will be removed off the list.

Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues and students.  That’s it for now.

I hope to see everyone there.

Brian Yu

Eric Hamber Secondary School – Vancouver
Tel: 604-713-8927  Fax: 604-713-8926
Text Message (778) 990-3623


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October, November 2017 Game – Stacking Stuff

Welcome to the 2017/2018 VSB Robotics Competition – Stacking Stuff


Example of 3 Cubes stacked together – 3 points


Example of a Combinational Stack – 5 points

The object of the game is to maximize your score within 30 seconds of match play.

Each robot team consists of a robot and one human driver per match. There are no limits as to the number of human drivers per robot team, but each driver can only drive one designated robot per event.

Stacking Stuff is played on a ‘4 feet by 4 feet’ robotics table.

Stacking Stuff is played with one robot at a time competing for the highest score possible.

The game objects are VEX-IQ Square Cubes and 222ml Pop Cans.

There will be 10 Square Cubes 10 Pop Cans used for each match.

There are 2 ways to score in this game:

First, stack the same objects (Cubes or Cans) in stacks within the score zone:

  • A stack of 2 objects will receive 2 points per column.
  • A stack of 3 objects will receive 3 points per column.
  • A stack of 4 objects will receive 4 points per column.

Second, stack a combination of objects (Cubes and Cans) in stacks within the score zone:

  • A stack of 2 objects will receive 5 points per column.
  • A stack of 3 objects will receive 10 points per column.
  • A stack of 4 objects will receive 15 points per column.

Lastly, if the robot can perform completely via autonomous mode, all scores are doubled.

Robot(s) for this game may be: VEX-EDR, VEX-IQ, or LEGO Mindstorms.

Robot(s) for this game may not be larger than 9” wide, 18” long and 18” high.

Robot may not expand beyond the size restrictions after the start of the match.

All drivers must stay within the designated ‘driver zone’ at all times during the 30 seconds of match play.

Update: All Game Objects may start at any location outside the score zone.  All Game Objects must start ‘Not Stacked’. (Oct.18.2017)

Any game object(s) that has left the field during the match will not be returned to the field during the match and will not be counted at the end of the match.

The robot team with the highest score and the lowest number of match attempts will win the ‘Game Competition’. The team with the highest number of game competition wins will win will be the overall ‘Event Competition Winner’. This team will receive a ‘golden ticket’ which will enable free entry for all the robots (up to a maximum of 5 robots) for their school/organization for the next consecutive competition.

Please check back at the game website often for the latest information, updates and changes.

Good luck everyone.

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